Financial Help & Fees

Parklands Day centre is a not for profit organisation and therefore self-financing. There is a charge worked out according to the centre's running costs (taking into account catering, transport, rent of premises, outings etc.).

Parklands day centre function on a neighbourhood basis, therefore a centre will only invite local older people to become members; this encourages a neighbourly feel to the scheme and prevents lengthy journeys.

Requests for day centre places are taken from a variety of sources, including Social Care and Health departments, the Health Authority, GPs, family, friends and individual people themselves. Referrals are accepted at our main offices.

Waiting lists are not necessarily handled on a 'first come first served' basis, but on need and availability of a suitable place.Once referred to us, action will be taken to contact the prospective member within two weeks. After an informal chat in the person's own home, they are then free to accept or reject the offer of a place.

If you would like to be considered for Parklands day centre yourself or know of someone who would benefit, please call us on 01159 466 760 or email us at

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