Medical Services

Medical Services

Full Medical Assessment, Pre-Employment Screening, Personal Track Safety Medicals (Rail), HAVS Assessments, Health Surveillance, Wellman/woman Clinics, Hazard Immunisation, Self-Declaration Health Questionnaires and Basic Health Checks.


Drug & Alcohol Screening:

Strict Chain of Custody Sample Collection Service, Professional Analysis, Accident/Incident Service, Unannounced Random Screening, Premium ‘For Cause Service’, School Screening Programmes and Sample Fast-Tracking as Standard.

Occupational Health Planning:

Full Integrated Policy Implementation, HSE Regulation Adherence/Awareness, Developing the Right Policies with You, Employee Awareness Programmes, Support for HR and Management, Pandemic Planning in the Workplace and Excellence in Aftercare.

Employee Absence Programmes: 

Nurses on Call to Assist with Absence Management and Programme Implementation.

Our Nationwide Network: 

Medical Centres and HCC Professionals Nationwide, Onsite Services to you and Mobile Screening Units.


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