Features & Facilities

Comfort & Care

Friends and family visit at their convenience and are able to spend as much time with their relative as they wish, creating a pleasant family atmosphere at the home. The Home positively encourages the continued involvement of the family and friends to maintain the sort of contact you would like and they can offer. This helps to keep essential family and community ties.

The Caring Team 

Our Home is run by the matron and her team of registered nurses and health care assistants. Staff are on duty 24 hours a day on a rota system. All of our staff are here to make sure that your needs are met, providing you with the best of care in comfortable surroundings.

Your Named Nurse & Keyworker 

On admission you will be given a named nurse, who is responsible for ensuring that you have an updated personal care plan which takes into account your individual needs. You will also be allocated a key worker who’s role it is to befriend you and add a personal touch to the care you receive.

Your named nurse and key worker form a partnership with you, your family and other professionals. Assessing, planning and reviewing what you need.

This co-ordination approach means that the care you receive is always appropriate to you and of the highest standard possible.

Your GP 

When you are admitted to the Home from within the area, you will usually be able to retain your existing family GP. If however you are new to the area, we will ensure you become registered with a local GP.

Night Services

At night there is a nurse in charge of the Home and Health care assistants who will ensure your continued comfort and care and deal with any emergencies should they arise.

Staff Training 

All staff are recruited through a professional and strict selection process. Once trained with us, each health care assistant has a senior nurse supervisor to assist them to develop skills and a professional approach, As a result of its improvements to management, team building and communication, we received the Investor’s In People award (Feb. 2001). We have also developed strong training programmes for all staff.

Aids & Adaptations

The Home is well equipped with wheelchairs, hoists, commodes, bed rails, pressure-relieving mattresses/cushions and a vast range of continence and mobility aids. Safety rails are fitted throughout and a lift is provided for easy access to other floors.


All doors are locked at night for security reasons, except for emergency exit doors, which are secured with a locking device. Access to the Home at night is available for relatives if arrangements are made with the nurse in charge prior to visiting. Anyone who visit’s the Home who is not known will be asked to produce evidence of identity.

Your Room 

Most bedrooms are single and are well equipped, with a comfortable range of furniture and furnishings and a wash-hand basin. You will get a choice of available rooms and are encouraged to personalise it by bringing your own small pieces of furniture and ornaments.

Should you wish to bring larger pieces you will need to discuss this first with the matron. Any electrical items brought by you will need to be checked by our own electrician for safety.

For Assistance 

Staff are in attendance 24 hours a day and therefore in most cases you will be able to simply ask a member of staff for help. At other times the Home has an extensive nurse call system (available in all rooms throughout the house) which alerts staff to your need for assistance.


On admission the matron will need to be informed about all the medication that you are taking. Medication is administered by the registered nurse on duty to meet the prescribed needs, often around mealtimes. We are regularly visited (and inspected) by a Community Pharmacist to ensure that current Health Authority Policies are being adhered to and they provide an excellent advice service to the Home.


All money and valuables in your possession will remain your responsibility. We advise you not to keep large amounts of money or valuables with you but to give them to your relative or representative for safe keeping. We do have access to a safe, which will be made available to you if you require.


Our menus are designed to provide a healthy, nutritional choice of meals covering a wide range of dietary needs. Your meals are prepared in our kitchen by our cook and an individual choice of meals at teatime is provided. The health care assistants will help you choose what you want. Should you need a Diabetic Diet or would like to eat something in line with cultural beliefs we will ensure that these needs are catered for.

Meal times

Breakfast: 8am - 9.30am

Lunch: 12.30pm

Evening meal: 5pm

Hot drinks are served at 11am & 3pm and drinks are served with every meal. Where requested, or where felt to be medically advisable, hot or cold drinks are offered and are freely available throughout the day.

Snacks (in between meals)

Should you require a snack in between meals just inform a member of staff who will arrange with the cook to prepare anything you require. Fruit is available throughout the Home, biscuits are served with morning & afternoon tea and relatives are welcome to bring in individual items of food, which can be stored and labelled in our fridge for up to 24 hours.

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